Kidney stone treatment through mini PCNN method

DHANGADHI: A private hospital in Dhangadhi started treating patients with kidney stones using a new technique called the 'Mini PCNN', on Sunday.

The Nawa Jeevan Hospital started this treatment for removing kidney stones for the first time in the Far-West Region.

Under this technique, the patients do not require to undergo any surgery in order to remove the stones, informed a doctor at the hospital.

The Mini PCNN technique involves removing the kidney stones by making a 5-mm incision without having to conduct a major surgery on the patient, said urologist surgeon Dr Sanjaya Khadgi.

A team led by Dr Khadgi successfully performed the PCNN surgery on five patients on Saturday.

Treatment using this technique costs between Rs 20,000 to Rs 70,000, depending on the case, the hospital stated.

It is expected that with the availability of this service in Dhangadhi, the patients from the region would no longer have to go to expensive hospitals in India, to remove kidney stones.