Kin blame vaccination for child’s death in Doti

Dhangadi, December 4

The kin of a child, who died last night after being administered a vaccine against measles in Jorayal Rural Municipality, Doti, have blamed immunisation for his death.

Tek Bahadur Malla’s four-month-old grandchild Prabin was vaccinated at the local Khar Vaccination Centre under Ghanteshwor Health Post yesterday.

After the child died at home in his sleep last night, his relatives said that the child died because of the vaccine he was administered during day time.

“He (the child) must have died because of bad medicine and vaccine,” said the deceased child’s great-uncle Hem Prakash Malla.

“He was okay until 2:00pm when we took him to the health post for vaccination and even after that, but he died while he was sleeping at night,” Malla added.

District Health Post Chief Ramesh Malasi admitted that they had administered DPT penta vaccine to the child, but refused to buy the accusation that the death was caused by the vaccine.

“We can’t say for sure that the child died due to the vaccine,” said Malasi, adding, “The cause of death will be revealed after post-mortem report.”

Though there were preparations to take the body to Doti District Hospital for post-mortem, it was taken to Dhangadi upon learning that Doti District Hospital was without doctors.

Ghanteshwor Health Post In-charge Hira Bhatta had administered the vaccine to the child.