Kin of deceased kept from filing complaint

ITHARI: Morang police allegedly barred the relatives of Gitadevi Sitaula -- a woman who died due to “doctors’ negligence” on Wednesday -- from filing complaints against the accused today.

The relatives of the deceased woman said that the police personnel at District Police Office denied registering their complaints citing seniors’ orders. “We requested them in order to get the complaint registered umpteenth times. But, they repeatedly denied it saying there was order of their seniors not to do so,” said Agni, brother-in-law of the deceased woman.

The woman, resident of Jhapa’s Damak, had died last Wednesday due to excessive bleeding after the operation. The previous day, gynaecologist of Biratnagar Nursing Home, Dr Gyanendraman Karki had performed an operation of her gall bladder.

The relatives of the deceased woman also accused that they were barred from visiting Morang assistant CDO, SP and DSP. They claimed that the administrators and the police chiefs had escaped after knowing that they were going there.

The kith and kin of the deceased woman have warned of severe protests in case they were not allowed to file case. “Stern action should be taken against Dr Karki, who had knowingly murdered Gitadevi,” Keshab Sitaula demanded.

In the wake of protests by relatives, the government had dispatched a team of specialists from the Capital for performing autopsy on Gitadevi’s body. However, the team has not yet made public its report.

Likewise, an investigation committee formed under the coordination of Morang assistant CDO Satrughan Pudasaini has not made public the report.

Morang DSP Bidhyananda Majhi said that they could not register the complaint before the autopsy report and probe report of the investigation committee formed in the district was made public.