Kin told to clear hospital dues, take body

Biratnagar, December 12

Citing dues accrued over the course of treatment, Biratnagar-based Nobel Medical College of Morang has prevented the kin of an accident victim from receiving the body.

Seriously injured in a bike accident in Biratnagar Metropolitan City on July 18, 32-year-old Dipak Mishra of Katahari Rural Municipality, Morang, died at the hospital yesterday in the course of treatment. Mishra’s treatment for the past five months has cost over 1.4 million rupees.

The hospital has prevented the kin from receiving the body, asking the deceased’s family to first clear the dues of over 350,000 rupees.

The deceased’s wife Anita has appealed for help for the release of her husband’s body.

“I don’t have money, and as the hospital has refused to allow us to take the body, I’ve been unable to perform out his final rites,” lamented the bereaved wife.

Mishra, an e-rickshaw driver, had received serious head injuries in the accident.

Anita, a beauty parlour owner, has been unable to run her business ever since her husband was admitted to hospital.

She said that education of her two sons had also been affected.

“I am not in a condition to pay the rent of my apartment and school fees of my kids,” she lamented.

Hospital manager Narayan Dahal clarified that they were in no condition to waive off the entire dues. “Considering her situation, we can waive off up to 100,000 rupees, but she will still have to pay the remaining amount and we’ve informed her about this,” he said.