Movables of King Birendra, family worth Rs 408 mln: Nepal Trust

KATHMANDU: The movable property in the name of late King Birendra Shah's family members has been found to be worth Rs 408.876 million, according to the Nepal Trust.

Nepal Trust is the government body responsible for searching and taking care of the property belonging to the late King Birendra and his family members.

It is stated that 295,112 units of shares were found in their names at different banks and financial institutions.

The Trust Joint-Secretary Lekh Bahadur Karki shared that the members of the late royal family have 257,642 units of shares in Nabil Bank; 30,720 units in Annapurna Hotel and 6,750 units in Industrial Development Bank.

Similarly, Pound Sterling 48,466 is kept in KIST Bank and USD 138,626 in Prabhu Bank.

The Trust so far has found 23,000 ropanis of land in late King Birendra's name.