King wows people in Mahedranagar

Mahendranagar, August 22:

King Gyanendra made an informal visit to the central and far western region of Mahendranagar, the headquarters of Kanchanpur district, today. When the monarch reached RNA’s 25th Brigade, former prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand, the chief of army staff General Pyar Jung Thapa and regional administrator Ganesh Sherchan were at hand to welcome him. The King walked for two hours from local Mahakali temple to the zonal administration office. Locals lined up on the road to welcome their king. People in Mahakali zone were overjoyed to see their king. Those who lined up to see the King included school children, youth, senior citizens and women, who shouted slogans welcoming the King. Despite the searing heat in the Terai, people patiently waited to see their monarch. Floral bouquets decorated Mahakali zonal hospital, Red Cross building, BP Chowk, Dasharath chowk.

Talking to the people, the King asked them, “What will you do?” Dozens of organizations and commoners handed their applications to the King. After meeting people, the King proceeded to the zonal administration office, to give audience to the regional administrator Ganesh Sherchan, Mahakali zonal administrator Mahendra Man Byathit, chairmen of Darchula, Baitadi and Kanchanpur DDC and heads of the administrative and security organs. Directing them to be aware of people’s wishes, King Gyanendra went back to Dipayal. The monarch is scheduled to stay in the RNA’s regional divisional headquarters at Dipayal’s Rajapur. He is scheduled to fly to Dhangadhi on Tuesday.

Take over is for peace: King


King Gyanendra said the main goal of the step taken on February 1 was to restore democracy and peace in the country by bringing an end to terrorism. While giving an interview to the Nepal Television, the King said, “People do not want terrorism.” The King also urged every body to work together to find peace in the country. He also gave directives to regional and zonal administrators during his visit to the mid and far western region to work towards restoring peace. — HNS