Kirant activist dies

Dharan, November 12:

Active member of the Kirant Movement in Nepal and the central advisor to the CPN-Maoist, Bhaktaraj Kandangwa, passed away at 63 today.

Kandangwa who was suffering from high blood pressure for a long time died of a heart attack at his residence in Atharai of Terhathum district.

Kandangwa was entered into the Leftist politics some 45 years ago.

He had later joined CPN (Ekta Kendra) and CPN (UML) before joining the CPN-Maoist some 12 years ago.

Kandangwa is also the founding chairman of the Limbuwan Rastriya Mukti Morcha and the Kirant Rastriya Morcha that was formed after the unification of the Limbuwan Rastriya Morcha and the Khumbuwan Rastriya Morcha.

Kandangwa had detached himself from the active politics for the last two years is known as an expert in group and ethnic politics within the Maoists.

He was imprisoned for six years for his active involvement in the Jhapa movement some 36 years ago.

It is said that Kandangwa was not very satisfied with his party, CPN-Maoist, after the Maoists joined the parliamentary politics last year “without any preparation”.

In a statement issued today, the Limbuwan Rajya Samiti of the Maoists expressed deep condolence over the untimely demise of Kandangwa.