Kirat plans for suicide attacks

ITAHARI: Cadres of the Kirat Janabadi Workers' Party, an armed outfit active in the Eastern hilly districts, is preparing to launch suicide attacks in the country.The party also claimed that it had trained large number of fighters and equipped them with sophisticated weapons.

"Should the government suppress us in the name of special security plan, we will reply back with suicide attack," central leaders of the outfit in Tatalaiya area, warned here Friday.

Talking to the reporters at a press meet in Taltalaiya area, central leaders of the outfit claimed that they were already prepared for suicide attack. They claimed that the nationality issue was in peril, something they would not tolerate to see it. Leaders of 14 districts were present on the occasion.

Alleging that the government was equating them with the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, newly appointed general secretary of the party Kaila Khambu said their cadres are now being trained to launch suicide attacks. "This preparedness is necessary on our part to safeguard our nation, nationality and peoples' liberty," he said.

The participants in the programme said, formation of a national government inclusive of the struggling armed outfits in the country, is a must.

The participants also warned of retaliation from the village level if the government in power tried to supress them in any form.

Issuing a statement, the party also confirmed that they had expelled central chairman Nabin Kirati and a few others from the party.

According to the information provided in the press meet, the party has established its' network in at least 16 districts of the eastern region. They also claimed that they had prepared Ram Prasad Rai memorial battalion in proposed Khambuwan area and Shreejung Memorial battalion in proposed Limbuwan area. The leaders also said that they were recruiting youths in the battalion on a war-footing and developing them as Brigades.