Koirala ally of parties, king, says Gurung

Kathmandu, January 6:

Maoist leader Dev Gurung today accused Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala of being a close ally of eight political parties as well as the palace.

If the government continues to test the Maoists’ patience by refusing to implement the agreements reached between the seven party alliance (SPA) and the Maoists, the country could witness yet another serious tragedy, he warned.

“Koirala’s feet are on both sides — eight political parties and the palace,” he said demanding immediate promulgation of the interim constitution. “We have been patient and responsible so far but if the government is mistaking our patience for weakness, we won’t hesitate from fighting for another 50 years,” said Gurung. He came down heavily on the government for taking numerous one-sided decisions without consulting the Maoists. An election to a constituent assembly will take final shape if the people exert pressure on the concerned authorities, he said at a press meet organised by the United Democratic Republican Front here today. He said regressive forces backed by the palace were tying to disrupt the peace process and the unity between SPA and the Maoists. He added that a republican state can be achieved and the monarchy can be easily sidelined through peaceful means.

Likewise, human rights activist Dr Sundar Mani Dixit said the government will not be complete without the inclusion of the Maoists. He raised serious doubts whether the interim constitution would be promulgated and the election to the constituent assembly will take place. He said that the “palace is active to disrupt the ongoing peace process”. He also advised the Maoists to be careful “at a sensitive time like this”.