Koshi reconstruction speeded up

ITAHARI: The Indian company awarded with Koshi reconstruction has sped up the reconstruction of the eastern embankment and spurs of Koshi river after flood in the river breached two of the three cofferdams built as part of the reconstruction.

Bashistha & Bashistha, the Indian company that has been repairing the embankment breached by floods last year, said it has sped up construction of the main dam at the breached site and the spurs.

Floods on Tuesday breached 100m portion of cofferdam in between Spur No 1 and 2 and two metres in between Spur No 2 and 3. The company said the work was intensified to immediately repair the breached portion as water puts more pressure at the breached portion. An official of the company said the water was putting more pressure on Spur No 5 and over 200 workers were working to strengthen it.

The company had constructed three cofferdams of 160m, 210 m and 418mlength, respectively, to return the river to its original course.