KUKL to build three water treatment plants in valley river system

KATHMANDU: The Project Implementation Directorate under the Kathmand Upatyaka Khanepani Limited is set to construct three water treatment plants to process filthy water flowing in the valley's river system.

The Directorate is building the water processing plants with the loan assistance of the Asian Development Bank and under its own water treatment plant reconstruction and expansion project.

Under the first phase, the Directorate is working in two packages-improvement and capacity enhancement of the existing water treatment plant at Guheshwari and building of the treatment plants at Sallaghari, Kodku and Dhobhighat areas.

The plant to be established at Sallaghari will have the capacity of processing 14.2 million litres of water on a daily basis, the plant at Kodku will process 17.5 litres and the pant to be set up at Dhobighat will have the capacity of treatment 37 million litres of water in a day bassis. The plant to be built at Dhobighat will be the largest among the three.

The Guheshowri Plant processes 34 million litres of water on a daily basis.

The responsibly of improving and adding a new water treatment plant at Guheshwari was given to Indian company last year.

Similarly, such responsibility has been given to Chinese company, Shanghai Safbon Water Service Company Limited to construct three more treatment plants.

The contract paper for the same was signed on 17th January this year. The contract paper has the provision of completing construction works of these three plants by 30 months.

The total cost for the construction of plants is estimated Rs 6 billion.