Labour unions to defy strikes

Itahari, March 3:

Labour unions have announced to defy the bandhs to be organised henceforth, stating that such bandhs organised now and then and the vandalism that takes place during the bandhs have jeopardised the industries, businesses and trade. Workers affiliated to the Nepal Trade Union Congress, All Nepal Labourers’ Union and General Confederation of Nepalese Trade Unions who had gathered at Khanar, Sunsari, today issued a declaration to this effect.

A labour union leader, Ayub Hussain said the gathering has taken a decision not to shut down the factories in the bandhs no matter whosoever calls the bandhs as losses running into millions of rupees have been incurred due to the closure of some 500 factories, both large scale and small, operating in the industrial zones from Sunsari up to Biratnagar.

Industries and businesses have been bearing the brunt of the Bandhs as these factories have not been able to produce, export and import goods due to the Bandhs organised by the political parties and ethnic and regional groups in the name of securing their rights.