Lack of necessary laws affecting performance of local levels

Dhangadi, January 2

The constitution has delegated prerogative to all local levels. However, elected representatives of local levels in Kailali say lack of necessary laws and policies has hindered operation and they were having a hard time delivering service to locals.

The general perception is that the rights of the Singha Durbar have reached people’s doorsteps with the formation of local governments, but the ground reality is different.

Ghodaghodi Municipality Mayor Mamata Prasad Chaudhary said that lack of laws has hit  service delivery very hard.

“The constitution has given 22 rights to local the level. But, lack of necessary policies and laws has tied our hands and we haven’t been able to use those rights,” Chaudhary said. He complained that they could not work to their full capacity to serve the people for want of necessary laws.

Bhajanai Municipality Mayor Sher Bahadur Chaudhary said his municipality could not exercise authority over the municipal police, effect reconciliation, slap penalty and fines, manage basic and secondary level education, distribute land ownership certificates, charge tourism fee and collect vehicle tax.

The constitution has provided rights to manage squatters and freed Kamaiyas. Bhajani Chaudhary said lack of laws had made it difficult for them to use this right as well.

Senior Advocate Rajendra Bahadur Saud said that local levels had failed to formulate necessary laws regarding their rights for want of expert manpower. “The constitution has given 22 rights to the local level, but local levels cannot use their rights until the provincial assembly makes the laws,” Saud said.

Gauriganga Municipality Mayor Bhim Bahadur Deuba said they were facing difficulty due to lack of necessary laws. Deuba said the centre has to provide required polices and directives to make local levels’ effective. Elected representatives say local levels’ work will continue to be ineffective until the provincial assembly makes the laws.