Lack of scientists affects agricultural research

Dhankuta, September 14

As National Agriculture Research Centre regional office based in Pakhribas, Dhankuta, suffers from manpower crunch, the same has virtually put agriculture researches in abeyance, putting farmers at the receiving end.

The facility set up around 47 years ago has a total of 84 posts, including 31 for scientists, but only 38, including two scientists, are working there currently. Again, against the provision of 28 technical staff at the centre, just 11 are working.

“As there are few technicians, getting technical assistance regarding our crops is very difficult, which has been a major problem for us,” said farmer Laxman Basnet of Pakhribas-6.

Centre’s chief Amar Pun said, agricultural researches have almost come to a halt due to lack of technicians.  “We’ve enough administrative staff, but as there are very few technicians, the same has affected our research on soil, crops and diseases,” said Pun.

Pun further bemoaned that the centre had turned a deaf ear to his frequent calls for appointing required manpower.