‘Lahan hospital to be well-equipped’

Lahan, December 27

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of health Upendra Yadav inspected Ram Prasad Uma Memorial Hospital in Lahan this morning.

DPM and health minister Yadav, who reached the hospital at 8:00am, gave instructions to the hospital management after observing the facility. He announced the hospital would be upgraded into a well-equipped ‘secondary level’ hospital.

Pledging to immediately provide specialist doctors, skilled human resources and equipment which the hospital lacks, Yadav said from now on hospitals would be classified on the basis of the ‘level’ and not the number of beds. He said the hospitals would be categorised into ‘primary’, ‘secondary’ and ‘tertiary’ level and the existing hospitals expanded accordingly.

Yadav directed the hospital management to remove all shortcomings at the hospital and improve its services so that people could get reliable and quality health services.