Lamjung to be fully vaccinated

Lamjung, January 3

Lamjung will soon become the 21st fully vaccinated district in the country will all children under the age of one having access to free vaccines offered by the government.

The district will formally be declared a fully vaccinated area on January 10. According to data at the Lamjung District Health Office, about 2,749 children below the age of one and 3,146 kids between 12 and 23 months have been vaccinated in the district that comprises five municipalities and 35 VDCs.

According to DHO Public Health Officer Krishna Prasad Pokharel, the accomplishment was the result of initiatives taken about three years ago. “Success quite close at hand now because of the vaccination campaign that started three years ago from then Suryapal VDC, which later spread to other villages and municipalities. For this, we did everything possible from assigning women health volunteers to villages to running awareness programmes,” he said.

Presently, kids are vaccinated against 11 different diseases.