Lamjung traffic police increasing traffic consciousness in drivers

LAMJUNG: Lamjung's District Traffic Police Office kicked off a traffic campaign on Monday encouraging informational stickers to be displayed on vehicles with a motive of increasing traffic consciousness in drivers.

Inaugurating the campaign by placing the stickers on a microbus and a motorcycle, Yadav Dhakal, Chief at Lamjung District Police Office expressed that the campaign is likely to be of help in minimisation of traffic accidents.

The traffic police have impounded 7,100 vehicles within 10 months of the current fiscal year, leading to a collection of Rs 4.6 million in revenues, informed DTPO, Lamjung. The impounded vehicles include those that did not carry billbooks and licences, were driven at high speed and noise, violated traffic rules, and driven under the influence of alcohol.

Similarly, within 10 months of the current fiscal, 14 vehicles were involved in accidents in which 10 persons (9 males and 1 female) lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the traffic police have constantly requested the drivers to pay attention to traffic rules, carry vehicle licences and other important documents, avoid drunk driving, and avoid packing the vehicles with passengers exceeding its capacity.