Land survey kicks off in Tanahun

Damauli, May 20

Locals of Shuklagandaki Municipality in Tanahun are elated with the ongoing work of land survey in their locality.

As per a rough data, thousands of families in different wards of the municipality are still without land ownership certificate. According to chief of District Land Revenue Office, Diwakar Poudel, as many as 2,254 persons have submitted application at the office seeking land ownership certificate so far.

The District Land Survey Office has deployed a four-member team to survey the lands. The team has so far completed over 50 per cent work in Shukla Gandaki municipality-13.

“Of the total 413 households there, we have surveyed the land of 210 households as of yet,” said office chief at the District Land Survey Office, Sahadev Subedi.

According to Subedi, land survey facilitation committees have been formed at the local level to look into the possible disputes that could arise in the days ahead.

“Though there were 635 applications from the ward, we took into consideration only 413 applications as the cases of other households is sub-judice at court,” Subedi said.

Further, Subedi informed that land survey in ward No 11 of the municipality will start from June 2.

The survey will also be conducted in ward Nos 1, 3, 4 and 5.