Plane runs over jackal on landing at Nepalgunj Airport runway

KATHMANDU: A Yeti Airlines aircraft ran over a jackal while landing at Nepalgunj Airport on Sunday evening.

According to Director at the Nepalgunj office of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Prem Nath Thakur, the Yeti Airlines ATR-72 aircraft flight no. 423 hit a jackal at Nepalgunj Airport at around 7: 15 pm yesterday.

No human casualties or damages have been reported.

Shortly after the plane landed at the destination airport, the pilot of the flight had informed the authority at the airport that the plane's rear wheel had run over something swerving the plane a little on the runway while landing, according to Thakur.

On examination, a body of a jackal was recovered from the runway, informed Thakur.

Further, the director at the airport complained that the locals who collect grass for their domestic animals frequently cut the wire fence and leave it open through which the animals dash across the runway. The director pointed out the negligence on part of locals who have already participated in the air safety awareness programme organised by the airport.

"Meanwhile, we have engaged five persons to check the wire fencing around the runway and we will decide tomorrow whether to keep security personnel for the vigil at night", said Thakur.