Landslide victims still feeling safety pinch

Achham, September 8:

Landslide victims of August 26, who are now staying on Melaphanta hill, are feeling insecure.

The recurring rains and small landslides beginning to take place on Melaphata hill have them worried.

The displaced people are scared that another major landslide may hit them there also. Some 693 residents of Ballena of Khaptad VDC and Guta of Devisthan VDC are displaced after the August 26 massive landslide.

They have been put up in temporary camps at Melaphanta hill and another nearby hill. The Melaphanta hill is also not totally secure. Landslide has occurred at dozens of places there too. Erosion by the nearby Gandanda River and Ardali River is continuing. The hill in Khaptad National Park above the camp at Melaphanta hill is also cracking due to continuous rain. A landslide victim Naresh Rawal said the landslide from Bhangare Hill has displaced 92 families of Ballena. He added that landslide could occur on Melaphanta hill too.

Headmaster of local Shaileshwori Primary School and coordinator of the camp Shyam Rawal said many landslide victims stay outside their tents with their children at night for fear of landslide. Meanwhile, the landslide victims of Ballena are having draw drinking water from Chhaprobaanj Khola directly. The victims said the water was not fit to drink. Coordinator Rawal said though water guard was distributed to the victims, they have not used it.