Landslides disrupt Sanphe-Martadi road

Bajura, July 31

Landslides followed by incessant rainfall in different places have damaged the Sanphe-Martadi road sections in Bajura and Accham. Transportation service has been obstructed following the same.

Locals are travelling 57 kilometres from Sanphe to Martadi in fear due to the condition of the road. Locals said they were risking their lives travelling along the road.

A staffer at Martadi Bus Counter Gorakha Rawal said they were facing problems operating vehicles due to landslides in many places along the road section. “The vehicles get stuck for hours in the muddy road,” he added.

Jeep entrepreneur Prithivi Rawal said jeeps could not ply the road during monsoon. “The road is rough and lack of a bridge over the Guigard River makes travel worse,” he said.

Rivers along the Sanphe-Martadi stretch have also washed away the roads at Budhabagar of Accham and other places of Bajura.

Local Paras Sahi said rivers had eroded around 500 metres of the road section at Budhabagar. He warned that chances of accident were high in the area.