Laprak villagers in sorrow over missing relatives

Laprak, November 1:

The massive avalanche that occurred on Mt Kangaru on October 19 has caused immense pain and suffering to the people of the remote Laprak village of Gorkha district. Reason: Of the 11 Nepali members of the 18-member French expedition team, who went missing in the avalanche, eight were from Laprak.

“We never had to be cope with such a tragedy before,” a local of Laprak, Sanu Kancha Gurung, said, adding: “The news of the missing village youths has given us the sense of a tremendous loss.”

The missing youths were working as porters and cooks for mountaineering teams. They were in the employ of Churen Himal Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd. Imaan Singh Gurung, manager of the expedition and a resident of Laprak, has also been missing.

The relatives and families of those missing have still not been able to cope with their pain. Suru Maan Gurung, another local, said: “They left with the hope of earning money, but we have not even been able to recover their bodies.”

Grandmother of Imaan Singh Gurung, Kamani Gurung, finds it hard to believe that her grandson, who had scaled many peaks, including the Everest, has been missing on Mt Kangaru. The missing of her grandson, the only bread-earner in the family, has worried her.

“I am all alone now. How will I be able to survive?” wondered Tish Maya Gurung, wife of Chandra Gurung, who is among those missing.

Team manager of the mountaineering team, Iman Singh Gurung (49) and Chandra Maan Gurung (27) of Laprak-6, Sahila Gurung (28), Dolal Gurung (26) and Bir Lal Gurung (45) of Laprak-9, Sher Bahadur Gurung (40) and Maan Bahadur Gurung (45) of Laprak-2, Kami Gurung (25) of Laprak-3 and Arun Gurung of Gumda village are among those missing. They all hail from Gorkha.