Launch of cargo service at Birgunj may be delayed

Himalayan News Service

Birgunj, January 29:

The operation of cargo service at the Birgunj dry port is likely to be delayed after confusion crept regarding the custom procedure.

The cargo service was scheduled to operate from Tuesday. Although there are only three days remained to launch the service, sectors concerned here are still unaware of the customs procedure to be followed while operating the service.

According to the Himalayan Terminal, the operator of the port, many businessmen who had come to book the train have been sent back due to the lack of instruction on the customs procedure. An official of Birgunj customs office said until the formal instructions reach there, the cargo service wouldn’t be operated.

Joint-secretary at the Ministry of Industry, commerce and Supplies Purusottam Ojha said the ministry had already informed the Indian officials about the customs and train booking procedure. A meeting of the sectors concerned will be held in Kathmandu on Wednesday, stated a source close to the Indian embassy in Kathmandu.