Lawmakers demand actions against police official and people’s representative

DHANGADHI: Members of Provincial Assembly of Province 7 have sought actions against police official who denied to register the case of a young woman thrashed on accusation of witchcraft.

Moreover, the parliamentarians have also demanded actions against local level representatives who attempted to reconcile the case without taking it to the Court.

Three female parliamentarians on provincial assembly held on Saturday drew the government’s attention on proper investigation of the incident.

Lawmaker Malamati Devi Rana demanded action against those involved in reconciliation saying that the victim was subjected to third degree torture.

“A young woman was accused of witchery, ruthlessly beaten and the local level representatives have tried to mollify the incident.” Rana said, “Actions must be taken against the government official and local level representatives.”

Moreover, the lawmaker has put forth demands of formation of a parliamentary investigation committee and treatment to the victim by the government.

Earlier, witchcraft accused 18-year-old Radha Chaudhary of Ghodaghodi Municipality in Kailali was ruthlessly thrashed for 6 hours on Thursday. After the incident, police arrested Ram Bahadur Chaudhary for his involvement, however, Chaudhary was released the same day.

Police released Chaudhary in presence of Ghodaghodi Municipality Head Mamta Prasad Chaudhary, Ward Chair Prem Rokaya and victim’s father Jokhan Chaudhary, after he agreed to provide medical treatment to the victim.

However, Chaudhary was later arrested again on Friday after stakeholders put pressure on Police.

Only three female lawmakers raised their voices against the crime while male parliamentarians remained silent on Saturday's assembly. The three female lawmakers demanded to speak before the assembly moved on to presentation of Provincial Operation Regulations.

Likewise, the lawmakers and ministers of Province 7 government have expressed commitment of treatment, relief and actions against the involved to victim’s kin.

Land Reform, Agriculture and Cooperative Minister Binita Chaudhary along with other ministers and lawmakers went to meet the victim at the hospital and said that the government would bear the cost of Radha Chaudhary’s treatment.