Lawmakers flouting poll code in Morang

Biratnagar, October 13

Lawmakers in Morang hastily selected development projects to be carried out under Electoral Constituency Infrastructure Development Programme today breaching the election code of conduct.

They selected projects worth around Rs 35 million just a day before the Parliament’s term expires.

According to District Technicians’ Office Morang chief engineer Rewatiraman Parajuli, directly elected lawmakers from all nine erstwhile electoral constituencies approached his office to get the projects sanctioned. “It was only selection of plans, work on the projects will start only after the elections,” he said.

As per the existing provision, a directly elected lawmaker receives Rs 35 million under ECIDP and an additional Rs 5 million to carry our development activities in his/her constituency. Similarly, a parliament member elected through PR Electoral system gets Rs 5 million.

Parliament members elected under PR electoral system had selected the projects to be carried out by the fund allocated for them.