Lawmakers seek concerted efforts to resolve crisis

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers pressed for meaningful efforts from all sides to address national issues including post-quake reconstruction operation and demands of disgruntled Madhesh-centric political parties, in the Legislature-Parliament meeting held on Wednesday.

The lawmakers also drew the attention of the government to provide relief to victims of fire incidents in various places across the country.

CPN-UML leader Jhala Nath Khanal stated that everyone should be serious to ensure political stability in the country and create favourable environment for developmental activities.

Khanal also spoke of the need for all the political parties to be effortful in implementing the new Constitution which, he argued, would help the country make a stride towards development and political stability.

Referring to the potency of consensus among the political parties in the country during various political movements, Khanal stated that the consensus would yield bigger achievements and strengthen the national unity.

Echoing with Khanal, UCPN-Maoist General Secretary Krishna Bahadur Mahara underlined national consensus for effective implementation of new national statute, relief and reconstruction operation for the quake survivors and resolving differences with the dissenting Madheshi leaders.

He also vented his ire against the incumbent government for failing to address the expectation of public in the realms of post-disaster relief and reconstruction operation and ironing out differences with the disgruntled Madheshi leaders.

Similarly, Nepali Congress lawmaker Bir Bahadur Balayar accused the government of failing to provide relief to quake and fire victims.

Meanwhile, Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal lawmaker Dil Nath Giri said that there is no alternative for all major political parties to move ahead together for effective implementation of the Constitution, while urging them for not involving in a game to change or topple government.

Likewise, Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, Upendra Yadav complained that the Constitution was promulgated ignoring their 'genuine' demands.

Claiming that the fund received from various donors for quake survivors were misappropriated, he also demanded formation of a high-level investigation commission to probe it.