Lawyers see threat to the supremecy of constitution

POKHARA: The two-day conference of the 32nd Central Executive Council of Nepal Bar Association concluded here today issuing a six-point declaration.

Participated by 400 representatives from across the country, the assembly concluded that the constitution was being interpreted unilaterally by responsible bodies and members and political parties, posing a challenge to the constitutional supremacy.

"Rule of the law, constitutional supremacy and security of the people can be established only through a competent, objective and indepenant judiciary," the declaration maintained.

It has also sought an environment conducive to the drafting of the new constitution and leading the peace process to a logical conclusion.

The conference expressed concern about the frequent disruptions in the legislative parliament and sought its earlyfunctioning.

The meet also urged all political parties find a constitutional remedy in the disputes of statute drafting, Nepali Army (NA) and the integration of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) combatants.

It underlined the need for maintaining the law and order in the country, deeming it a primary responsibility of any government.