Laxman Tharu's health deteriorates

DHANGADI: The health condition of Tharuhat leader Laxman Tharu, who is on a hunger strike in Dhangadhi, has been deteriorating.

According to Nirajan Dutt Sharma Poudel, a physician at Seti Provincial Hospital, Tharu is experiencing extreme weakness and has been recommended further medical examination.

An expert team led by Dr Poudel has been conducting Tharu's regular health checkup. His heart rate has increased and he is mildly dehydrated.

Tharu, who has been on a hunger strike since February 13, has been demanding the release of Tikapur carnage conspirator Resham Chaudhary and is seeking a proper fact-finding investigation despite court's verdict.

The ongoing protest is getting unilateral support from the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Mission Ambedkar Nepal, Khasan National Struggle Committee, Khambuwan Rastriya Morcha, Federal Democratic Forum, Nepal Rashtriya Party, United Khash Chhetri Nepal, among others.