Leaders betraying the people, says Dixit

Chitwan, May 6 :

Leader of civil society, Dr Sundarmani Dixit, today accused the political leaders of betraying the people.

Speaking at an interaction programme on “Role of Citizens for Good Governance and Democracy”, organised at the Birendra Multiple College here, he said: “The peoples’ movement was a great event in world history, but it has been undermined.” The leaders are betraying people, said Dixit, adding that the House should be dissolved within a week after doing urgent work.

Blaming the MPs for not making efforts to turn the RNA into the National Army, he said: “The first meeting of the revived House should have done the job.”

Noting that Jung Bahadur Rana had initiated the Rana oligarchy with the help of a single battalion of the army, Dixit said the army could opt for a coup. The army should be confined

to the barracks, he said.

Accusing the parliament of delay in punishing the murderers of agitators taking part in the pro-democracy movement, he said: “The MPs should be imprisoned if these murderers flee.” Since the MPs have mandate of the people, the latter can punish the murderers, he said.

An interim government comprising the Maoists should be set up and the parliament dissolved, he said, adding: “Election to the Constituent Assembly should be held at the earliest.”

Dr Ishwori Laudari, Dr Ravi Mohan Sapkota and Ramakant Sapkota presented working papers at the

function, which was organised by the Economics Students’ Society of the Birendra Multiple College.