Leaders called on for timely statute

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Constituent Assembly, Subas Chandra Nembang, has called on leaders of political parties to rise above their petty interests for the sake of drafting new constitution on time.

Addressing a programme organised by Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) this morning, Nembang said, "I would like to earnestly appeal to parties to close ranks until the general elections are held, after the promulgation of the constitution of the Republic of Nepal."

Stating that the growing mistrust among the political parties could cast a cloud of despair over the people's aspiration for new constitution, he urged the parties to work towards nation building. Nembang also expressed dissatisfaction over frequent amendments in the constitution-drafting calendar.

"It's not time for parties to get deviated from the prime agenda of statute drafting, as mandated by the CA polls," said Nembang. He also asked parties and interest groups to shun violence and anti-people activities while putting forth their demands. "Only the new constitution can address everybody's demands," Nembang said, urging groups concerned to support the government for drafting the new constitution.

Dharmendra Jha, president, FNJ, urged the media houses to allot space for long-standing concerns of marginalised groups and communities. "The new constitution should play the role of a guardian for every group and community without prejudice," he said.