Leaders praise Nepali drive for loktantra

New Delhi, November 14:

Leaders and human right activists attending Indian Social Forum in New Delhi lauded the courage exhibited by Nepali people for the establishment of loktantra and said it was a source of inspiration to them.

“We highly appreciate the courage of Nepalese people; the Andolan launched for the establishment of loktantra in Nepal has encouraged us a lot,” said former minister of Myanmar, Dr Tin Swe. Dr Swe, said his party leader Ang Sang Suki has been kept under house arrest for the past 15 years and political leaders have been exiled.

Pakistani human right activist Karamat Ali appreciated the courage of Nepali people. “Change is not possible until people protest against the military rule,” said Ali, adding that the campaign of loktantra has started from Nepal and it is going to enter in other countries. General Secretary of Druk National Congress, Rong Thong Kinle Dorjee said, Nepali people are source of new education and inspiration to the world.