Left alliance accuses NC of tearing election publicity materials

Kavre, November 15

Cadres of the left alliance accused Nepali Congress activists of tearing their election publicity materials in Kavre yesterday.

Cadres of the left alliance said NC cadres tore posters, banners and party flags, among other election publicity materials, in Mahabharat Rural Municipality’s Syaledanda and Sano Pokhara, and Khanikhola Rural Municipality’s Jagathali.

It is said that the defeated ward chair candidate from NC, Chhetra Bahadur Tamang, instructed cadres to tear election publicity materials in Jagathali. “NC cadres tore the left alliance’s election materials last night,” said a UML cadre.

He said NC’s candidate for parliamentary polls Tirtha Lama’s supporters had torn election publicity materials belonging to the left alliance.

The left alliance candidate for parliamentary polls Bomdhoj Lama said his cadres were ready to retaliate. “It is against election code of conduct and it is a conspiracy to obstruct the upcoming elections,” he added. NC leader Shiva Prasad Humagain said the party was unaware about the incident. “NC never does such immoral work,” he added.

Police said they had started investigating the incident. District Election Officer Manohar Pokhrel said the office would recommend action to the election commission against the person/s who violated the election code of conduct.

Province assembly candidate of NC, Ganesh Lama, from Constituency No 2 had warned the left alliance candidate not to cross the Mahabharat Range. Speaking at an election assembly organised in the district, Lama had warned the candidates of the left alliance not to enter his area for conducting election publicity campaigns.