Left alliance picks female candidates only

Surkhet, December 29

The CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist Centre have recommended proportional representation candidates for the provincial assembly for Province 6. Interestingly, all the candidates recommended by the parties are females.

UML won 14 out of 24 first-past-the-post provincial assembly seats in the province. But since not a single FPTP candidate was woman, the party was obliged to pick women candidates under the PR category to meet the constitutional requirement of 33 per cent female representation. Dailekh’s Minasingh Rakhal, Jajarkot’s Kaushilawati Khatri, Dolpa’s Padhmi Kwari Bohora, Surkhet’s Padma Khadka and Raju Nepali and Rukum’s Devi Oli are the UML PR candidates for the provincial assembly.

CPN-MC, which had contested the election by forging an alliance with the UML, has sent four names for the provincial members under the PR system. The CPN-MC recommended names are Surkhet’s Sita Nepali and Pushpa Gharti, and Jajarkot’s Krishna Shah and Bimala KC.