Leftists giving in to capitalists: Bijukchhe

Claims big parties do not want CA polls conducted

Hetaunda, August 12:

President of the Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party Narayan Man Bijukchhe ‘Rohit’ today said that the communist movement is under threat from no other forces but the communists themselves.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the Makwanpur network of weeklies and fortnightlies today, Bijukchhe said the communist parties in Nepal have ideological differences and distortions and that they are working like the capitalists. “Communist parties in Nepal are giving in to the capitalists,” he said.

Asked to explain why the communist parties in Nepal split so frequently, he said, “Better to split than remain united. They would have become royal henchmen had they not split.”

Saying that the so-called political parties are against the CA elections, Bijukchhe said that they are alleging the election commission citing the non-conducive environment simply because they fear they will lose in the elections.

He said, “The big political parties cannot win over 20 seats if the elections are held in a free and fair manner.”

“The big parties had won the polls with the strength of money and administration, but the people have now become conscious,” he said, adding, “The parties are attempting to defer the CA elections citing different reasons.”

Bijukchhe also claimed that the republic cannot solve all problems facing Nepal.

After assessing the situation, we are raising voice for the formation of a socialist republic, the NWPP president said.

Saying that the Tarai agitation will not come to end till the nomination of representatives to the local bodies, he said: “Everyone will get busy after the appointment of representatives in local bodies and nobody will have time to stage street agitations.”