Leopard enters Pokhara supermarket, injures one

POKHARA: A forest ranger got injured after being attacked by a leopard in Pokhara of Kaski, on Friday.

Binod Thapa, a staffer of the District Forest Office, Kaski, sustained injuries on his head and arms while trying to evacuate the place when the wild cat attacked him inside a supermarket. He has been rushed to the Fishtail Hospital, Pokhara, for treatment.

Locals have been moved to a safe place away the supermarket to avoid further incidents.

Customers and staff were terrified when the wild cat had suddenly entered the supermarket at 3:30 pm.

Chief Forest Officer Prabhat Sapkota informed that they had controlled the cat and were trying to send it back to the forest safely, rather than shoot it down.

Sapkota assumed that there might be another leopard inside the supermarket as well.

Meanwhile, Chief District Officer Hari Prasad Mainali has directed not to kill the animal.

Two weeks ago, a leopard had entered Hemja of Kaski district terrorising the locals in the village. However, it was hunted down.

Rampant deforestation has increased the entry of wild animals into human settlement of late.