Less tourists enter via Kakadbhitta point

JHAPA: The number of tourists coming to Nepal via the Kakadbhitta entry point in the east is found to have declined in 2015.

The April-May earthquakes, obstructions along the border points and strikes have been attributed to the decline in the number of tourists coming to Nepal via the land route.

Tourist arrival in 2015 declined by 10 per cent in comparison to 2014, informed the Nepal Tourism Board Kakadbhitta Office.

A total of 9,967 tourists arrived in Nepal through Kakadbhitta in 2014 and the number went down to 8,930 in 2015.

Those coming to Nepal are usually from Kolkata, Darjeeling and Sikkim of India. The highest number of tourists was from Bangladesh and it accounted for more than half of the total, information officer at the Board, Sushmita Dahal, said.

A total of 5,055 Bangaldeshi tourists came to Nepal through Kakadbhitta in 2015. The number was 5,328 in 2014.

Bangladesh was followed by tourists coming from the US, Britain, Bhutan, Denmark, South Korea, Australia and Japan.