Lift restrictions in all sectors, says COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre


The COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre, an apex body formed by the government to handle the coronavirus crisis in the country, has recommended that the government officially lift all forms of restrictions imposed on various sectors till date.

The government, on March 24 last year, imposed a blanket lockdown halting all sorts of people’s movement except for emergencies — a stern move taken to subdue the spread of the contagious disease. Lately, most businesses have resumed services, with some exceptions. This has also increased people’s movement across the country.

A meeting of the CCMC yesterday had decided to finally lift all sorts of restrictions. The CCMC said that coronavirus cases were steeply declining for the past one month.

If the recommendation is okayed, the education sector, which has been hit hard due to the lockdown, is likely to resume teaching-learning activities.

The entertainment sector such as cinema halls, night clubs, gymnasiums, and large gaming events are also likely to restart services.

The CCMC, however, has advised the government to strictly follow health protocols to control the spread of the virus.

Mahendra Prasad Guragain, coordinator of the CCMC, said they had taken the decision to this effect after cases of COVID-19 declined, and they had also considered the fact that there were a few active cases across the country now. “The infection rate has declined to 12 to 13 per cent in the last couple of weeks from the previous 19 to 20 per cent. Similarly, the number of active cases in the country is also less than 6,000 as hospitals are now seeing empty beds. In this scenario, we have recommended that the government lift the lockdown.”

Guragain, who is also a secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, further said that since most businesses had already started operating, including some in the entertainment sector, it would be better to officially lift the lockdown.

The CCMC has also stressed that the district COVID-19 crisis management centres in co-ordination with District Administration Offices across the country can reimpose restrictions if coronavirus cases start increasing after lifting the lockdown.