Light aftershock hits Sindhupalchok, felt in Kathmandu Valley also

KATHMANDU: A light tremor hit Sindhupalchok district at around 5:59 pm on Thursday. It was felt in the Kathmandu Valley also.

The National Seismological Centre said it recorded an aftershock of local magnitude 4.4 in Sindhupalchok at that time.

The NSC records show that as many as 350 aftershocks of local magnitude 4.0 or above have followed the devastating April 25 earthquake, which was of local magnitude 7.6, till today.

The coordinates 27.89°N, 85.73°E, provided by the NSC, show that epicentre was in between Bhotenamlang and Panphung, north of the district headquarters Chautara.

The official death toll of the April 25 earthquake and its aftershock has been put at 8897 so far.