Light aftershock recorded after four days, epicentre close to Barpak

KATHMANDU: A tremor hit Gorkha district on Friday morning, the National Seismological Centre said.

It was a light aftershock of the April 25 earthquake recorded at 5:09 am with its epicentre close to Barpak, where the devastating7.6-magnitude earthquake had struck on April 25. It was of local magnitude 4.0.

The coordinates of the epicentre are 28.18°N, 84.74°E.

It was the first significant aftershock recorded after four days.

With this, the number of significant aftershocks (of local magnitude 4.0 or above) has reached 351 since April 25.

The official death toll of the devastating earthquake and its aftershocks has has been put at 8897, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Disaster Risk Reduction Portal.