Limbuwan cadres padlock road office

DAMAK: Daily works in Road Division Office in Damak-2 in Jhapa district have been affected after the cadres of Federal Limbuwan State Council (FLSC) padlocked the office this afternoon.

"We padlocked the office because it had not been accepting our existence. It was not treating us at par with other political parties and not inviting us in all-party meetings," Lok Sagar Sanba, central member of the FLSC, said.

Meanwhile, cadres of the FLSC and National Limbuwan Council yesterday padlocked Singhadevi Secondary School in Damak-10. They padlocked the school building, protesting the decision of Kohabara Secondary School to call Nainkala Limbu, a Nepali language teacher, back to the school.

Though Nainakala is appointed at the Kohabara Secondary School, she has been teaching at the Singhadevi Secondary School on assignment. Recently, the Kohabara Secondary School had called her back.

Issuing a joint press statement, they urged the school management committee at the Singhadevi Secondary School to take initiative to transfer Nainakala to the school.

"We decided to padlock the school to press the school management committee

not to let Nainakala go back to the Kohabara Secondary School," the statement