DAPAK: With a view to pushing for a decisive struggle to establish “independent Limbuwan state”, Federal Democratic National Forum - a body aligned to Limbuwan State Council (LSC) - began campaigning in various eastern districts lately.
According to the ethnic group which is active in the eastern hilly districts, the campaign already got underway in nine districts that lie east to Arun River. The body has been claiming that the districts — Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Ilam, Panchthar, Taplejung, Tehrathum, Dhankuta and Sankhuwasabha - are under its proposed state.
Among other programmes, the group has started to mobilise its sister wings, strengthen its organizational structure and make people aware about their Limbuwan State and organise mass meetings.
Kumar Lingden, chairman, LSC, urged the other groups and organisations that are fighting for the independent Limbuwan State to work in collaboration to push the final battle. Claiming that he was in touch with another Limbuwan group led by Sanjuhang Palaungwa in this regard, Lingden added, “We will achieve our goal at any cost as the movement this time is a decisive one.’’
Lingden claimed that the UCPN-Maoist was hatching conspires putting forth Kirant and Kochila states to divide the Limbuwan state by underestimating their Movement. “This is how we’ve decided to launch the final struggle for ensuring our rights.’’
According to him, it would not be agreeable for his party if the Hilly and Tarai districts under the “Limbuwan state” will be divided in the name of Kochila and Kirant states as floated by the Maoists.
“If the districts under our state will be incorporated in any other states, then there will be endless ethnic conflict here,’’ he warned, adding that all Limbuwan groups would be united to foil the Maoists’ proposal.
The LSC said they planned to organise mass meeting in various places, including in Damak of Jhapa and Urlabari of Morang, as part of their first phase of the campaign.
There are various Limbuwan organisations fighting for the same cause — independent Limbuwan state — in the eastern hilly districts.