Lipu Lekh Pass should be made tripartite border point: Expert Shrestha

KANCHANPUR: Researcher and expert on border issues Buddhi Narayan Shrestha has stressed the need for making Lipu Lekh Pass a border point for three countries.

Saying that Lipu Lekh Pass is Nepal’s territory, Shrestha stated that China and India inked a deal in regard to Lipu Lekh Pass for their trade promotion without agreement of Nepal.

“Now, new agreement between Nepal, India and China should be made on Lipu Lekh Pass. Nepal’s interests would be fulfilled only from this,” he said at an interaction programme in Kanchanpur on Tuesday.

Shrestha said that Nepal government was delaying to provide evidences about Lipu Lekh Pass though the Government of China was seeking for the correction of the agreement. Dillydallying from the side of government in the issue of nationality is condemnable, he added.

On the occasion, lawmaker Kriparam Rana said that the unofficial blockade imposed by India on Nepal was against humanity.