Livestock smuggling rampant

Dhading, November 24

Police have tightened security after smuggling of cows and oxen increased in northern Dhading of late.

District Police Office, Dhading, has beefed up security after smugglers started smuggling the animals from neighbouring districts Makawanpur, Gorkha, Nuwakot and Chitwan to the rural villages of Dhading.

Police said nobody would be allowed to take cows and oxen from one place to another without being kept under quarantine for observation and testing. Around 20 to 25 cows and oxen are being taken to the northern rural parts of Dhading on daily basis.

Superintendent of Police Dambar BK at District Police Office, Dhading, said plainclothes cops had been deployed at entry points to the district to check livestock smuggling.

SP BK added that Police Post Nalang, Bairani, took 10 cows and oxen under control while the animals were being smuggled from the southern part of the district to northern parts.

Meanwhile, Nalang Police Post said the persons caught smuggling the animals claimed that they were taking the cows for milk and oxen for ploughing the fields.

A teacher in Dhading said the animals were taken to the remote areas for meat. He added that the dry meat of cow and oxen were supplied to Kathmandu and abroad.