Local bodies appropriate agriculture budget

Biratnagar, January 18

Village and municipal councils in Morang have appropriated their agricultural development budget received from the Ministry for Agriculture Development.

District Agriculture Development Office, Morang, had deployed officers for municipalities and non-gazetted officers in rural municipalities for

the same.

There are 17 local levels in the district. Of them, as many as four local levels have allocated more budget than the amount received for agricultural development, seven local levels have decided not to fully utilise the received budget in the sector and five local bodies have allocated the entire budget received to the sector.

According to Morang District Agriculture Development Office Chief Manoj Kumar Yadav, Kerabari, Ratuwamani, Rangeli, Pathari Sanischare, Urlabari municipalities and Kanepokhari and Katahari rural municipalities did not segregate the entire budget for the agriculture sector. They have allocated the budget to other sectors as well.

Kanepokhari Rural Municipality has allocated only Rs nine lakh for agriculture against the received budget of Rs 55 lakh. Likewise, Kerabari Rural Municipality has allocated only Rs 35 lakh which is half the amount sent by the ministry; Katahari Rural Municipality has allocated Rs 68 lakh against the Rs 71 lakh received; Ratuwamani Municipality has allocated Rs 54 lakh against Rs 97 lakh; Pathari Sanischare Municipality has allocated Rs 50 lakh against the received amount of Rs 62 lakh; Urlabari has allocated Rs 62 lakh against Rs 69 lakh; and Rangeli Municipality has allocated Rs 51 lakh of the Rs 59 lakh received from the ministry.

Meanwhile, Biratnagar metropolis has allocated more budget than received. The metropolis received Rs 38 lakh to spend on agriculture, but the metropolis has allocated Rs 45 lakh for the sector.

Similarly, Sundar Harinchaya Municipality received Rs 63 lakh, but allocated Rs one crore. Jadaha Rural Municipality received Rs 88 lakh but allocated Rs one crore, 30 lakh. Sunbarsi Municipality received Rs 37 lakh but has decided to allocate Rs 43 lakh to agriculture sector.

Dhanpalthan, Budhiganga, Gramthan, Miklajung rural municipalities and Letang Municipality in line with the ministry sent the entire budget allocated to agriculture development.