Local levels in Lamjung to set up quarantine facilities

Lamjung, March 28

All eight local levels in Lamjung are working to set up quarantine facilities for people returning from India or abroad.


Four municipalities and four rural municipalities in the district are planning to use local school buildings and health facilities for quarantine. Local levels and youth clubs have been working to set up quarantine in different parts of the district.

Chief District Officer Laxman Bahadur Khadka said some local levels had already started the work to set up quarantine sites. “A ward has to set up quarantine facility with five to 20 beds,” he said.

Assistant CDO Anil Kumar Shahi said local levels had kept 22 persons in quarantine, who came from abroad. He added nine people of Madhyanepal Municipality and 13 of Kwalasothar Rural Municipality had been kept in quarantine.

Kwalasothar Rural Municipality Chairman Prem Bahadur Ghale said a quarantine facility with 300 beds has been set up in the rural municipality for the people returning from India and abroad. Ghale informed that the people would be kept in the quarantine facilities built by the local level rather than asking them to stay in home-quarantine. Health Department Coordinator at the rural municipality Trilok Chandra Gurung said school buildings and buildings of health facilities were used for quarantine purpose. He said quarantine centres with 500 beds would be established in the rural municipality.

Similarly, Besisahar Municipality has set up a quarantine site with 160 beds to keep coronavirus suspects. All 11 wards in the municipality have set up quarantine facilities with five to 20 beds. Mayor Guman Singh Aryal said possible suspects of COVID-19 would be quarantined.