Local women turn Paninaula into model village in Bajura

Kathmandu, October 12

From a village with poor sanitation conditions in the past, Paninaunla village of Bajura’s Badimalika Municipality-6 has made quite a leap, becoming a model village in the district now.

The village of some 20 households that was once known as one of the most unhygienic places has become a completely sanitised village, thanks to the initiative of local women. Earlier too, it was the women’s initiative that had swayed the village to become a chhaupadi-free village.

Now, while drinking water has been effectively managed in the village, houses here sport improved stoves instead of the traditional ones that gave off a lot of smoke. Similarly, each and every house has been equipped with a latrine now, and the locals have stopped defecating in the open.

“Every week, the local women join hands to clean up local water sources, roads and resting places,” said Ward No 6 Chairperson Kala Baduwal.

Women have also formed groups and are involved in various development activities.

“Earlier the women used to be confined within the four walls of their home, but they have now started coming out and are being involved in various sanitation and development related activities,” said Badimalika Municipality Deputy Mayor Kabita Bista.

Meanwhile, with the start of the sanitation campaign run by women, the spread of garbage-related diseases has come down significantly in the village.