Locals donate land for building Ilam's rural municipality office

ILAM: The local residents have donated nearly 17 ropanis of land near Deurali Bazar of Sandakpur Rural Municipality in Ilam district for the office building construction of the Rural Municipality. The market value of the land is around Rs 3.4 million.

Dinesh Subedi and Krishna Subedi have provided five ropanis of land while Netra Subedi has donated four ropanis for the purpose. Likewise, three ropanis on behalf of Deurali market management committee and one ropani each from Tika Maya Gurung, Dhan Prakash Rai, Dambar Subedi and Ramila Burja. Leela Burja and Jeevan Shiva have also donated the land plots.

Dinesh Subedi said that the land plots were registered in the name of Rural Municipality after visiting the Land Revenue Office on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Rural Municipality has said that building construction process would be initiated after the management of necessary land required for buildings.