Locals drinking contaminated water in Charikot and its vicinity

Chairkot, June 22

Drinking water supply in Charikot, Dolakha, and nearby areas was found to be contaminated.

According to a report publicised by District Health Office Dolakha, the population at the district headquarters and its surroundings have been using the drinking water contaminated  with the coliform bacteria.

Officer at the health office Dambar Thokar said the water at Dolakha Bazaar, Khorthali, Thulosim, Jhapre, Arupate, Gairithundkhola, Jhulakhola and Odare sources was undrinkable due to the presence of coliform bacteria in water sources.

“It is a matter of great concern as the drinking water contains mixture of faeces,” he informed. He further urged the locals to boil water before use as a safety measure to prevent jaundice and other water related diseases.

Meanwhile, chief at Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office, Dolakha Bidhyanath Bhattarai said the contaminated water would be purified after cleaning the water tanks.

Likewise, the drinking water at Primary Health Centre is also contaminated. According to Rajendra Prasad Shah, the polluted water might invite serious health hazards. “Initiative has to be taken soon to purify the drinking water,” he added.