Locals protest seeking action against 'killer'

DHANGADHI: Locals have staged demonstrations demanding action against the culprit behind the murder of Bijaya Thapa (25) of Shivapuridham, in Dhangadhi, on Tuesday.

They have demanded the local police to parade the guilty as soon as possible.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Hari Oli at the District Police Office (DPO) said, "We are working as per the law, however, locals have been pressurising the DPO to make the suspect public at the earliest."

DSP Oli further shared that they have 25 days time period in their favour to investigate the murder case. Police have arrested Ashish Sethi of Dhangadhi-4 against whom a First Information Report (FIR) had been filed.

The victim's relatives and locals have been protesting by forming Bijaya Thapa Judicial Struggle Committee in Dhangadhi. The struggle committee chairperson Devraj Joshi said there was a design to get the culprit off the hook.

As per the agitation programme, the protesters shut down Dhangadhi today.

Earlier, Thapa's body had been found near the Dhangadhi-based province chief's office on Friday night.