Locals turn to deep boring to alleviate water scarcity in Terathum

PHIDIM: Deep water boring has been set up to facilitate proper water supply for the locals in water-scarcity-struck Aathrai Rural Municipality of Terathum district.

Locals have invested around 4 million rupees for the installation of boring near Bagale Shahid Smriti Park at Dunkuri hills, Terathum with the technical help of Buki Pokhari Drinking Water and Irrigation Organization.

After realising the possibility to successfully draw the water from the boring, setting up pipelines for delivering water to the village shall be proceeded. Preparations for the same are underway, informed Municipality Chief, Man Bahadur Limbu.

The water has been found 100 meters below the boring area, the process for which took 12 hours of digging.

The facility for the Municipality Headquarter Sankranti Bazar is situated at the nearby Jhume Hills, with fresh drinking water source 128 meters below the ground. Damak-based Orpit Real Estate Company separately invested around 3.8 million rupees for solving water-scarcity issues in villages like Thoklung and Chuhan hills, informed Company Manager Bhairav Sitaula, adding that the processes for building water tanks and pipes for distributing water are underway.

According to Chief of Buki Pokhari Drinking Water and Irrigation, Durga Bahadur Khatri, the project aims to not only curb drinking water scarcity issues but also help flourish farming sectors. Local Jhumnath Kafle donated his land worth Rs 4 million to draw water from Jhume Hills. Similarly, KG Construction Service constructed free-of-cost one kilometer road worth Rs 800,000 stretching from Sankranti bazar-based Malpot Chowk to Jhume Hills.

The number of villages of Aathrai have been facing serious water scarcity issues since the start of dry weather.

Chhathar Rural Municipality, Terathum has already started using deep boring technology to fulfill the demand of drinking water in the locality.